The New School Shoot

Shot on Monday for Progressive Pupil productions. It was an educational piece through The New School and Directed by Robin Hayes.

It was an all day (before sunrise to after sun set) and outside. I really enjoyed watching the colors of the day change and making adjustments to keep balance correct through out the day. Below is a photo of the location that we shot - which I scouted a few days beforehand.

Can't wait to see the premier in February.


Teacher TV Shoot

This fall I did a fun shoot with Teacher TV. Here is one of my favorite poems performed by Taylor Mali -


I was 2nd camera and AC for Ross Kaufman.


Bean Town

Off to Bean Town! I had an amazing weekend and excited to say that a work in progress doc is going well... amazingly!

 More details soon but here is a hint: http://brikourinouvelgaye.com/


Occupy the Media - Brooklyn Filmmakers Event

Awesome event with BFC, we sold out with over 100 people coming to our screening/discussion.


Collective Ending

Last Month as a UnionDoc Fellow and wow what a year. Finishing touches on my doc and still working 10 hours a day at PJ. This photo is from a white background shoot in our studio for the up coming documentary, Asexuality.

Thanks Arts Engine for thinking of me!